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Extending a helping hand to the disadvantaged through education and medical services.

Partnered with New Horizon Romania and Multi Nations Missions extending a helping hand to the disadvantaged through education, social assistance, and medical services

Dr. Thomas Boemers, Dr. Mircia Ardelean, International Medical Workshop in Chisinau, The Republic of Moldova 2013

 The Brasov TB Hospital Field Team

To learn more about our projects please click the Projects Menu button at the top of the page. Thank you for your interest in our work. 

Mark and Coreen Biech

President, Vice President​

Norm and Loralee Strauss

Advisory Committee 

Cornelia Iacob

Jurist, Registered Nurse,

Masters in Medical Management


Steven Lang

Board of Directors 

Izabella Boriceanu

Volunteer Instructor

Sorin Grad

Board of Directors 

Working in partnership with Hope for the Nations - Romania


Registration Number of Associations and Foundations in Romania: 2021/2004

Fiscal Code: 16268477

Medical Authorizations and EU Accreditations: 


Mobile Medical Unit,  Health Authorization Number. 1133/A/20.06.2018 issued by the Ministry of Health, Public Health Brasov County having as objects of activity (NACE code):

8621- General Medical Practice Activities

8622- ​​Medical Specialist Activities

8690- Other Human Health Activities

8899- Other Social Assistance Activities w/o accommodation

Hope    for    the    Nations is    a    non-profit    organization    dedicated    to   empowering    children    at    risk    to    become children    of    change.   Through   education,    community-based    care    and    sustainability    projects,   Hope    for the    Nations    works    to    provide    better    life    chances    to   children    affected    by    conflict,    famine    and    poverty.

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